There are 4 terrapins at Sangha and all have come from different places.  Sonic is the biggest and can be seen here bathing on a rock. He is 20 years old now (October 2018) but came to us when he was 10. He was originally bought for children but became an unwanted pet as the children grew bored with him. He was lucky that the people who had him cared for him because many die through lack of knowledge of how to care for them. Here at Sangha they have their own fresh water system and a pond to dive in. They need to care for their shells by drying out every day but when it is not sunny they often hide underwater. Sonic can be picked up and is very friendly but they can bite too and have very strong jaws. In the winter they can go 30 days without eating in the right environment, they go into a type of hibernation.




About Terrapins: Terrapins are one of the oldest living creatures on the planet and can be traced back 180 million years to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The word Terrapin is used for turtles that are semi-aquatic and live near waters or swampy regions. They are a mix between a turtle and tortoise, as they spend most of their time divided between water and land. They have four legs and a tough shell made of two parts, which join at the sides. They also have strong, horny mouths and no teeth.

What they eat: Terrapins eat snails and earth worms and might eat meats like chicken and pork as well. Tuna and other oily fish are a favourite. For plants, terrapins snack on berries and leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach.