Amigos de Gillian Banks

Raises funds for the Centro del Día Guiadyl in Granadilla which is an educational day centre for disadvantaged children.


KittyCatz are a subsidiary of Sangha San Miguel and MADAT (Manos Amigas de los Animales de Tenerife).  They are not a registered charity in their own right but consist of a group of volunteers that help sick and disabled cats and kittens with medical treatment, and new born kittens too young to wean.  Loving permanent homes are found following treatment or permanent foster care for those not suitable for re homing. KittyCatz do NOT accept donations of any kind all donations to KittyCatz can be made to Sangha San Miguel or MADAT on their behalf.

Live Arico PAWS

Tenerife has long had an animal welfare problem and Live Arico PAWS helps abused, abandoned and needy animals here.  They have many fund raising events and 2 charity shops that help fund their activities. Live Arico PAWS works closely with other Associations with similar goals including Sangha San Miguel.