Guadyl Success

Sangha are committed to working with animals as well as children. Our on going project working with the children from Guadyl is a huge success. The children who do not have the same advantages as others, enjoy their weekly visits, so much so they are continuing during the holidays. We have seen the children bonding with the animals and learning how to care and respect them. They are relaxed and enjoy the many benefits the farm has to offer, just look at Rayo and a youngster enjoying some down time together. Today we released our baby ducks born on the farm much to the delight of the children and volunteers alike.

Highlight of a holiday

The Kind words of Angela Ward who recently visited the Sanctuary : Marc kindly welcomed us all into his home up in the hills in San Miguel which is also an animal sanctuary Sangha Educational Farm Tenerife where he cares tirelessly for so many abandoned and unloved animals. What an array, cats, dogs, goats, pot bellied pigs, Rayo the mule, chickens, birds, iguanas, rabbits … you name it. He is truly a Dr Doolittle as Les calls him, so dedicated, getting up at 5am and not back til 8 at night. This an educational centre for deprived children where they can come and visit the animals & also grow their own plants and watch them flourish. This has made me all the more determined now to spread the word for help as the shelters here are self funding only. I am proud to have my official volunteer collecting badge too, thanks to Siobhan from the Live Arico charity shop in Adeje (near to Amanda’s) Lots of bargains to be had in there! Love helping to collect at Leslie Elvis Moore’s shows, I meet so many lovely, caring, generous people. Les has made 11K in 4 months and his aim was 10K by December, truly incredible and he’s continuing on! Donations are kindly shared out to other less well known animal charities on the island too where needed, Marc tells me. Trish Cooper & I took some dog food up to Marc’s with Les & Joy Bahadur and we had a super time seeing all the very contented animals, Maximillian the pot bellied pig was having a good old snore just like Les, lol! Thank you Les for taking us all with you & thank you so much for your time Marc, a true Saint! 😍

Bunnie Corner

Bunnie corner is under construction, they will share their home with the turtles so all will have more space. Here are two volunteers who are helping to clear the area making it safe and secure. Watch this space for completion photos!!

Welcome to Carlita

This is Carlita, a young goat found in a barranco with a foot wound and very tight collar which had to be cut off. She is very shy and nervous but is slowly learning to trust. Don Perro, our vets, were a little surprised to see a goat in the waiting room!! Two helpers and three vets cleaned and treated her foot. However she was not best pleased and created a real drama by literally screaming as loud as she could. A shocked waiting room were reassured after Mark carried Carlita out explaining the situation, she is now a real drama llama…… except she’s a goat!! Drama over she is now being treated on the farm, seen here with young Lewis who is learning about animals, she is a little more co-operative now.

Rayo taking the rays

Today at Sangha Rayo had a day off and is fast asleep in the sun totally unaware his photo was being taken. Have you ever seen a mule smile or dream? Either way he won’t win a toothpaste competition with those teeth!

Hats off to success

Sangha San Miguels vision of working with children and animals is paying dividends. The look on these youngsters faces says it all. We originally started the project with the older children to see what the response from the children and animals would be. Clearly a huge success, it was now the turn of the younger children, who at first were a little daunted by the size of the animals, but quickly settled into interacting with them . Rayo the mule must seem huge when you’re only little, so sporting a nice red hat to break the ice soon had the little ones wanting to stroke and pat him. Rayo as usual loved the attention. Cisco, one of the iguanas, not wishing to be upstaged by the diva kes, (parrot) was also happy to take part in the warm welcome from Sangha. Another enjoyable day with the children from Guardil.

Its Childs play

One of Sangha San Miquels visions is not only to help the animals but children as well. Some children do not have the same advantages and opportunities as others, so Sangha have a new program to help these young ones. Every week except for holidays they come to Sangha where they are learning to not only care for, but to be responsible and respectful towards the animals. Some children have never had the opportunity to have their own pet or even come into contact with animals, so this is a great opportunity, the farm being the ideal place. The children are learning new skills feeding and handling just two of their new achievements. Of course Rayo is delighted to have a few extra pair of hands to pamper and groom him. Bunny corner is a project for the future, and in addition learning how to grow plants . Children and animals are responding well to each other and as you can see by the photos a very enjoyable afternoon recently took place at Sangha with the children from Guardill.

Food For Thought

We were recently asked to take 5 chickens that had literally fallen off the back of a lorry. Yes you have guessed it, they were on their way to the abattoir.
How old do you think they are? the answer is 4 weeks. The reason they look full grown is because of the hormones they are given to produce good meat especially on the breast. Their growth is rapid, not only externally but internally. This results in enlarged hearts amongst other organs as the hormones do not just affect their outward appearance. Sangha agreed to take them in the knowledge, based on experience , that these birds lives will be short as a result of the treatment they have received. Sangha will now provide freedom, love, care and attention. Lets hope their time is long enough to enjoy a different life.
This situation certainly is food for thought

Cluck Cluck

These 2 chickens were found abandoned between rocks on the beach in Alcala, by a tourist who posted them on Facebook.

A Live Arico volunteer rescued them and contacted Sangha San Miguel. They are missing some feathers and suffer from a bit of sunburn but are otherwise ok. They are now recovering with Maximilian, who doesn’t mind the new residents in his pen.