RIP Rayo

It was with great sadness and a heavy heart that a decision was made to put Rayo the mule to sleep. Rayo was no longer responding to treatment and it was clear he was beginning to suffer. The whole process was carried out with love and dignity. He passed away quietly. Sangha would like to thank everyone who supported Rayo, in many different ways, you are all greatly appreciated.

Happy Christmas

Sangha San Miguel wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. I would like to thank everyone who has supported the farm this year. A special thank you to Gillian Banks for her continued support with the children who visit the farm weekly, their progress and understanding of animal care has improved immeasurably. Also a special thanks to those of you who donated money and time to help Rayo the mule, a very expensive time for Sangha, and as you can see in the video, time, love and attention have helped him, but sadly his health continues to fail. Finally to the other organisations who work closely with us helping all animals particularly Live Paws, KittyCatz and Madat. Kindest Regards to you all, Mark.


 Its is with great regret that I need to report the little lamb died tis morning  We did everything we could bust sadly it wasnt enough.  RIP little baby

Lucky Lamb

This little one was found in San Isidro. A lamb of about 3 days old. Now residing in Sangha farm where feeding and warmth are the top priority . Sangha hope to pull this baby through, fingers crossed.

Roll up, Roll up for Rayo!

Rayo has recently needed some expensive vets tratments because he’s been poorly. We’ve been donated some lovely items to sell and we’ll be selling them at the Sunday car boot in Las Chafiras behind Lidl TOMORROW 1st November, Please come along and help us met the costs. Our stall will be directly opposite the Bar.

Guadyl Success

Sangha are committed to working with animals as well as children. Our on going project working with the children from Guadyl is a huge success. The children who do not have the same advantages as others, enjoy their weekly visits, so much so they are continuing during the holidays. We have seen the children bonding with the animals and learning how to care and respect them. They are relaxed and enjoy the many benefits the farm has to offer, just look at Rayo and a youngster enjoying some down time together. Today we released our baby ducks born on the farm much to the delight of the children and volunteers alike.