Iguanas and Rabbits

Many people buy rabbits thinking they are low maintenance and easy to look after but like all animals they need special care and unfortunately its often not long before they are unwanted.

This is Fluffy he is about 3 years of age.  He was taken to a vets for treatment but was never collected by his owner.  He lives happily with his friends and is tame, he likes people.


Angel is white and originally lived with a lady that had to leave the Island.  She was cared for and is friendly.  Jones is black and white and was left outside a vets in a box.  He originally lived with Grace who sadly passed away.  Rabbits like friends so he moved in with Angel and Fluffy where he fell in love with Angel.  Fluffy doesn’t mind, he quite likes a bit of piece and quiet.








Bugs and Bunny are two Belgium giant rabbits.  Originally they lived on a finca but the owner moved and took them to the dog shelter.  They couldn’t stay there so they came to Sangha and are the most recent additions to the farm.  They are approximately 2-3 years of age and happily live in Cisco’s cage with the others.  The white male is Bugs. 








Jack, Cisco and Benjamina are our Iguanas.

This is Jack 








and this is Cisco. 

Both Jack and Cisco are around 13 years of age and arrived at the Farm in poor condition.  The people that owned them, like many people, didn’t realise that iguanas need special care.  Approximately 90% of iguanas bought from a pet shop do not make it past their 1st year due to peoples lack of knowledge.  They are cold blooded animals and therefore need heating when it is cold.  Jack and Cisco were together for their first year but as they matured they began to fight, they were becoming territorial, so now they live in different cages. They are both laid back and are happy to watch the world go by providing they feel safe.

Benjamina came to the farm after being found in a pet shop under nourished. There were 5 in the shop but 4 died. Mark could not leave the last baby there so took her away with a request to the shop keeper that they had no more until they knew how to look after them correctly.  Benjamina was originally called Benjamin as it was originally thought she was a he. It’s difficult in the first year to know if iguanas are male or female but as they grow older they start to show different characteristics.  Fortunately as she is female she can live with Cisco happily and is often seen running around the cage with Cisco watching.

About Iguanas: Iguanas are the largest lizards in America. They have strong jaws with sharp teeth and a very long and sharp tail that is usually half of the body size.  They shed their skin like snakes and can change their colour when they lie in the sun.  They are real sun worshipers and use the sun to heat up, between 35-40 degrees is ideal for them.  In captivity they need heat lamps when it is cold as below 20 degrees their muscles cease to work and its hard for them to move. They are excellent swimmers and can stay under water for 30 minutes before surfacing for air.  They can also jump and if they fall they often do not injure themselves.  Their tail is used to balance as well as a weapon when fighting.  They are solitary creatures until around January/February when mating season starts.  The females lay their eggs in warm sand and when the babies hatch they are ready to go, they do not need the mother.  Sangha urge anyone considering buying an iguana to research their needs, special equipment and consider how big they can grow.

What they eat: Iguanas are primarily herbivores, with captives feeding on leaves such as turnip greens, mustard greens, dandelion greens, flowers, fruit, and growing shoots of upwards of 100 different species of plant. They drink water and drink a lot as they can absorb moisture through their skin,

About Rabbits: A domestic rabbit, a pet rabbit, a bunny, or a bunny rabbit is any of the domesticated varieties of the European rabbit species and come in all different sizes. A male rabbit is a buck, a female is a doe, and a young rabbit is a kit or kitten.

What they eat:  Just like people, bunnies enjoy a good meal. A nice mix of hay, vegetables, pellets, as well as fresh water keeps rabbits healthy and happy.