Susie the cheeky goat.  She has been at Sangha for around 7 years (in 2018).  She was found next to the motorway in Las Americas with her brother Spooky when they were very small, nobody knows how they got there.  They were both bottle fed for the first few weeks. Since Susie was two she has looked like she is pregnant even though she is not.  We do not know why but at one point it was decided to try her with a real

pregnancy to see if the problem would resolve itself.  Unfortunately Susie refused to have anything to do with the male goat so she will never get that slender figure but she is in good health so we just leave her.  Susie has a sweet nature and gets along with all the other animals.  Often the chickens will sit on her back grooming her.  She is no push over though despite her sweet nature, she is the boss of the pen and even Royo stands to attention when Susie says so.


Spooky is Susie’s brother and is fully grown and weighs about 70kgs.  He has huge horns which he sometimes breaks when he is trying to knock down fences.  He is good with Mark but is cautious of strangers.  He has an aggressive nature, after all he is a wild animal.






Dolly is very naughty but very spoilt.  She originally lived at a Villa with a dog for two years but as she got bigger she ate the garden so her owners didn’t want her any more.  Dolly does not have horns and gets very frustrated as she wants to be the boss all the time. Mark has to be careful when he puts the animals food down as she likes to eat everyone’s food except her own!!



About Goats: Goats were one of the first animals to be tamed by humans and were being herded 9,000 years ago. Baby goats (kids) are standing and taking their first steps within minutes of being born and each kid has a unique call, and along with its scent, that is how its mother recognizes it from birth – not by sight. Goats are herd animals and will become depressed if kept without any goat companions. So, it is unhealthy for a goat if a family just owns one as a pet

What they eat: Contrary to popular belief they are actually very picky eaters. They have very sensitive lips, which they use to “mouth” things in search of clean and tasty food. They will often refuse to eat hay that has been walked on or lying around loose for a day. Goats eat plants like trees, shrubs, hay and grains.