Hiena (pronounced Yana) is approximately 13 years old.  In 2016/2017 a puppy farm was found in Tenerife.  The dogs were in squalid conditions and large dogs were in very small cages with little room to move.  Various associations and private homes took the dogs and Seprona were involved and closed the farm down. Seprona is the Guardia Civil’s Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza, so the official police route for environmental issues of any sort, including animal welfare. Some dogs were unable to be saved but Hiena was one of the lucky ones rescued by Live Arico PAWS.  She was in poor condition and was unable to walk, had bone cancer and arthritis and at first it was thought she couldn’t be saved.  She was treated with CBD oil and she responded well.  She can now walk, go up and down stairs and her favourite place is the settee.  Being a big dog everyone else has to sit on the floor because they haven’t the heart to move her.  She now enjoys wandering around the farm checking on all the inmates.  She gets on well with all the animals and humans alike.  Its a stark contrast to her life as a breeding dog in a small cage.







Missy is 6 years old and was found in a water tunnel which fills the water tanks.  She was living there with a her brothers and sisters all of which eventually came out and were homed but Missy couldn’t be caught.  Missy took a long time to trust humans and was the last puppy to come out when she was around 5 months of age.  Mark took her home where she immediately settled in and it was decided after what she had been through that she would stay at the farm.






Bobo is an old man now but was left in a box by the bins when he was a puppy.  Mark passed by when two women were arguing over who was going to take him. As there was to be no resolution Mark took him and gave him a home.  He is a sweetheart and is always happy to greet you. 








Pascal and Bruno are brothers even though they are different colours.  Sangha is not a dog charity, those living here are doing so purely out of circumstance and are loved as part of the family.














About Dogs:The dog is one of the most popular pets in the world. It’s thought that dogs have been pets for thousands of years and are often called Man’s Best Friend. There are lots of breeds and types of dogs that vary in size from very small (just a couple of inches tall) to very large (three feet tall). Some breeds of dogs are considered better for indoor or outdoor pets and some breeds are considered working dogs. Jobs that dogs perform include hunting, police work, rescue work, and seeing-eye dogs for the blind. Because dogs are intelligent and willing to be trained, they make a great companion and work animal.

What they eat: Wild dogs eat a variety of food which consists mainly of prey animals. Prey animals are composed of raw meat, raw bones, organs, other tissue and digested vegetable matter. While dogs are carnivores they do consume a small amount of the vegetable matter contained in the stomach and intestines of their prey. There are many different varieties of food available that cater for pet dogs depending on their breed, age and health. These are generally tin dog meat and dog biscuits.