There are too many chickens at Sangha to count and all are rescued. On one occasion about 20 were being kept in appalling condition at a house and Mark managed to persuade the owner to let them be rehomed. They were in cramped conditions and never had daylight. They are in heaven at the farm where they can now free range.  Some of the chickens are in the pens but they can leave at any time when they want to roam to another area.



About Chickens: Chickens are domestic or farm birds. The life span of a chicken can be as long as 10 to 15 years but is often shorter. The male is larger and more brightly coloured than the female. This is common feature in many bird breeds. The males show off their colourful feathers to attract the females.

A chicken has a comb on the head and two wattles under the neck. The male has a larger comb compared to the female. The male is called a rooster and the female is called a hen while the young are called chicks. The female is usually ready to lay her first eggs when she is around six months old.

The morning call you’ll hear on the farm every morning is actually the rooster crowing “cock-a-doodle-doo”. The female is called a hen and she goes “cluck-cluck”.

What they eat: Chickens eat worms, insects, seeds, grains, snails, slugs, fruits, vegetables and many other foods. The gizzard which is a part of the stomach contains tiny stones to help grind up the food.