Highlight of a holiday

The Kind words of Angela Ward who recently visited the Sanctuary : Marc kindly welcomed us all into his home up in the hills in San Miguel which is also an animal sanctuary Sangha Educational Farm Tenerife where he cares tirelessly for so many abandoned and unloved animals. What an array, cats, dogs, goats, pot bellied pigs, Rayo the mule, chickens, birds, iguanas, rabbits … you name it. He is truly a Dr Doolittle as Les calls him, so dedicated, getting up at 5am and not back til 8 at night. This an educational centre for deprived children where they can come and visit the animals & also grow their own plants and watch them flourish. This has made me all the more determined now to spread the word for help as the shelters here are self funding only. I am proud to have my official volunteer collecting badge too, thanks to Siobhan from the Live Arico charity shop in Adeje (near to Amanda’s) Lots of bargains to be had in there! Love helping to collect at Leslie Elvis Moore’s shows, I meet so many lovely, caring, generous people. Les has made 11K in 4 months and his aim was 10K by December, truly incredible and he’s continuing on! Donations are kindly shared out to other less well known animal charities on the island too where needed, Marc tells me. Trish Cooper & I took some dog food up to Marc’s with Les & Joy Bahadur and we had a super time seeing all the very contented animals, Maximillian the pot bellied pig was having a good old snore just like Les, lol! Thank you Les for taking us all with you & thank you so much for your time Marc, a true Saint! 😍