Hats off to success

Sangha San Miguels vision of working with children and animals is paying dividends. The look on these youngsters faces says it all. We originally started the project with the older children to see what the response from the children and animals would be. Clearly a huge success, it was now the turn of the younger children, who at first were a little daunted by the size of the animals, but quickly settled into interacting with them . Rayo the mule must seem huge when you’re only little, so sporting a nice red hat to break the ice soon had the little ones wanting to stroke and pat him. Rayo as usual loved the attention. Cisco, one of the iguanas, not wishing to be upstaged by the diva kes, (parrot) was also happy to take part in the warm welcome from Sangha. Another enjoyable day with the children from Guardil.