“The greatness of a nation
can be judged by the way it’s
animals are treated”
Mahatma Gandhi

We are a small animal sanctuary in San Miguel, in the sunny south of Tenerife. It was the brainchild of Netherlands-born Mark Van den Reek who has a lifelong love of animals and a smallholding in San Miguel.

The sanctuary is spread amongst 2000 square meters of gardens and now houses many different farm and domestic animals.  Mark named the sanctuary after the Buddhist Sanskrit word for equality, to emphasise that “we are all equal, people and animals”.

The influx of unwanted animals gave Mark the idea of setting up the sanctuary as an educational centre, so that young people especially children could learn about the animals and come to realise what is involved in their care.

People take an animal on but often don’t know how to care for them so Sangha San Miguel have created an educational sanctuary to make people aware that we are all sentient beings, man and animals alike


Currently we are open by prior appointment only.  Please contact us to discuss visiting



We do not charge an entrance fee but we do ask that you make a donation of whatever you can afford to help us feed and care for the animals.